Increase ROI with Social Media at Trade Shows

It’s here - your booth design is flawless; your sales staff is trained up on the items that you’re selling. Your customer facing communications are spot on. Everything you could have thought of you have. Then it hits you, SOCIAL MEDIA!!!! Ugh... then you remember, The Fox...

Here at Middleburg Marketing and Events, we chose the fox as our mascot because they are nimble and savage. That’s the approach we take with trade shows, when we say all inclusive, we have it all.

Trade Show Social Media

Before your shows we:

1. Start by planning - 4 weeks from your event start listening to #hastags and #keywords that are associated with the show.

2. Video, Video, Video! Create enticing quick videos about your products, and new releases!

3. Spread the word about you being there!

4. Develop incentives, swag, and promo items to give away at the booth. Then go crazy on social media about the swag!

5. LinkedIn is a fantastic way to have your staff, personally invite prospective clients to your booth.

6. Integrate your website to support the show with a landing page!

7. Share info about events that you will be hosting and where you will be speaking! This maximizes your exposure!

8. Reach out to the all-important influencer’s on varied social media outlets. Personal invitations for interviews and demos of products go along way!

9. Throw a VIP Pre-show party! Create buzz on Social Media

Ok now were ready right? Nope… We have an At Show Social Media marketing process as well.

1. Create buzz - by having clients post great things about your products, from the booth!

2. Photos, Photos, Photos. Often clients want to have photos of the booth, don’t neglect the other opportunities for social media content - we even like to have a dedicated photographer just for social media!

3. Video - shoot video of your booth, product demos, new product rollouts and client interactions with your products. Be strategic about who, what, where and when you shoot the video. If you’re speaking, make sure to get high quality video that can be shared later on social media.

4. Time is of the essence. We really like the live involvement of on-site social media interaction. Creating timely buzz, capturing and sharing some of the special moments at trade shows requires a robust social media team. Fresh, live content is great and at trade shows ideal, and should be paired with scheduled messages so that nothing is missed.

5. Paring contests and giveaways with social media is a fantastic way to create buzz!

6. Optimize your digital outlets so that they work in concert. QR Codes, Web addresses, icons should all drive the prospective clients to become happy customers.

7. Give your reach legs, by sharing the show with those who cannot attend.

Ok Phew, the show is over, the booth is broken down. We must be done now! HA nope. This is

when the magic happens! Our post show Social Media plan is now in high gear!

1. Leads, Leads, Leads! Lead development is what the show is all about. Did you know that on average only 20% of booth interactions end in qualified leads? Follow up is one of the most important parts of the post show plan. Social Media should be included in that process. Connect via Linkedin, close the loop with Facebook and Twitter. And don’t forget to interact with the leads social media outlets!

2. Blog! Blog about the show, blog about your new clients. Blogging creates yet another avenue for discussion with clients.

3. Follow up with your leads, and make sure that they follow your social media outlets!

4. Content - don’t put all those photos, videos and fantastic content that was generated at the show on the shelf! Use it in posts on all your social media outlets!

Trade shows are a huge investment of both time and money. In order to optimize you Return

On Investment (ROI), you really should be optimizing your involvement. This is where working

with us elevates your brand. These tips are just some of the things we can help you with, call us


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