Why do I need you?

Ok so why do I need you to do social media for me? I'm sure you have asked this. Frankly so have I. Let's start with 1.65 billion reasons. 1.65 billion is the total amount of social media profiles, with around 1 million added each day. Now that’s potential exposure!

But, for exposure to be worthwhile, it must be managed properly. It must have purpose and focus and action! I used to belong to a philanthropic group. At each meeting, in a room filled with 80 to 100 type-A personalities, everyone had a message. Very often each of my fellow do-gooders, would feel that their ideas were the best and needed to be heard. However it

just created noise. Often noise so loud that their messages were missed. Well, social media can be a similar kind of noise. The average twitter account follows between 200 and 500 people. Talk about noise! It takes fine tuned crafting for your message to be heard. We are wordsmiths, masters at crafting your story.

Interaction is King, well or Queen! Customer complaints are expected to be responded to in an hour. Compliments, when acknowledge, are like flowers in the spring sun, they grow a deeper consumer connection that are the roots of your business. Often in social media, the message gets posted, and the interaction is forgotten. When in reality the interaction is what we should be developing. Look at the overall press that the recent Wendy’s twitter banter with customers generated. By being interactive, they have expanded their reach, moved their brand forward, heck, just for kicks do a search…

Now lets talk bottom line, something that we all want to increase, we want to grow our business. Telling your story is one of the best ways to promote growth. In a world of super/chain stores, restaurant empires and world recognized brand, local business is the lighthouse of the American Dream. The way local business competes is through its story. Making the brand match the story takes an expert. You are the expert in your story, we are the modern day town cryer, the madrigal. Playing our harp throughout the vast world, singing your story.

But can I afford it? Another bridge to cross. When you started on your adventure to chase your dream of enterprise you invested in your future. Considering that 70% of all people who have a successful brand experience will share that positive experience on social media, how can you afford not to? Facebook states that 52% of all users were influenced by the presence of a business on Facebook and 20% of Facebook posts create an emotional response while none of the ads on Facebook did.

From large to small, we want your business to grow. Telling your story and interacting with potential and loyal clients about your story, grows relationships that last. In a world of immediate results, social media, like everything good, is most successful with a plan and the right person to execute that plan.

So do you need us! You be the judge… I think you do!

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