You know when you hear a song or read something that is so irritating you have a physical reaction? I've noticed recently that social media is the catalyst to my new tick. The twitch of my neck that throughs my head to the side, uncontrollably. And it isn't the usual garbage on SM that makes me tick and shrug my shoulders as I ask myself why am I spending this much time reading about crap I don't care about! (And yes, Social Media is one of our biggest service offerings here at MME, so don't tell Dan or Foxicot....!)

I'm noticing a trend, it's probably been there all along but I'm not the SM Frondeur (look it up!) I have noticed though that it's causing me to judge. I don't like to judge people without knowing them! If I know you, then it's gloves off judge-y time! Just kiddin' ....sort of...

But seriously, have we crossed a line with social media where we are hurting our businesses, our brands? By jamming our politics down the throat of every one we touch, we reach? Is that why Linked In is taking a turn for the worst? Open communication takes away lines, and as a storyteller, and creative type, I'm not into lines. But as a strategist and businessperson, I want brands to flourish and for people to read on, click through and not turn off because a political statement turns them off! I'm guilty of it. I saw a twitter follower with a statement that chapped my arse and I wanted to unfollow but Foxicot would have my head. Foxi doesn't judge!

So let's chat about it. BUT ABSOLUTELY I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR POLITICS. THIS IS ABOUT POLYTICKS! (yes I'm yelling) Should we reserve our potentially off-putting opinions for our personal feeds? Should it not matter, should we overlook it and focus on business and not worry about our commonalities or differences? Can we? Should there be a line for business?

#brandfocus #foxcreativeagency

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