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Brand Love

I've fallen in love, again.

I love love love Louis Vuitton (total guilty pleasure). It's crazy. For all I know Louis is the biggest a$$hole on the planet, but I spend an unhealthy amount of time searching for one of his overpriced pieces of canvas and leather the size of a placemat.

So why? I ask myself that every time I come dangerously close to clicking "place order". What are you doing, this is the cost of a plane ticket to California, I yell at myself. So I don't click. And the next day I go back to my cart and it's gone. It's been sold. Louis has a haram and one of those bitche$ got my desk agenda cover! Why, why, why do I torture myself...

I'll tell you why. Brand Love. Brand Loyalty! How is it that millions of people around the world of all economic backgrounds shell out crazy amounts of cash for a branded piece of leather?

LV is quality, LV is timeless, LV is luxury. It makes us feel good. It inspires us. It makes us want to do better, be better. I use it as a carrot. Book another client, lose 10lbs = get a Louis!

Branding fascinates me. I love the idea that someone is putting their own brand out there. To have a successful brand, you have to believe. Believe in yourself, your product, believe in what it does for people. Believe that consumers buy with emotion. We spend money and time on things that matter, that have significance, that have importance. For me, it's organization and the ability to hand write and touch paper. In this digital world, I still need the option to jot stuff down, take hand written notes, brainstorm, draw. I write out christmas lists, grocery lists, blog ideas, ideas for my clients. And I really want to do it all within the covers of a LV desk agenda! I want to see it on my desk in the morning and I want to close it at the end of the day knowing my next day, my next chapter is safe and happy.

I am not 100% the target market for LV but I'm close! I like quality. I like timeless design. I like proven. I'm attracted to how things look and how they feel and how they make me feel. And, I am not alone! In my quest for the LV DAC, I have found my people. The planner obsessed sub-culture with buy/sell groups on FB, and hundreds of thousands of views of "how I use my LV agenda" youtube videos! And that's just a couple items in the formidable brands prolific inventory!

So I did some quick research on the history of LV. Nothing outrageous, just a business man with a vision to improve on a product that eventually took over the fashion world! Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton a French trunk maker. He designed a style that was efficient for stacking, was light weight and waterproof. Quickly being copied, the initiative to disband counterfeits has been a fight the LV brand has battled from day one. Now owned by luxury goods conglomerate LVMH, the brand continues, to grow and flourish. An interesting history for the world's 19th most valuable brand, the world's #1 most powerful brand, and the fashion industries most counterfeited brand - valued at $24.3 billion dollars.(1) The brand value is $24.3billion...the valued at...$24.3billion..not revenue....brand value!

How did they do it. They had focus - quality luggage, with a design that made sense and a distinctive look/brand. They perfected and saturated the luggage market. They refined the product material to suit daily use of handbags. They introduced accessories and new pieces to fit the growing trends and the market needs. BUT, they didn't compromise the brand. Quality, longevity, timeless design. The price point has remained at the luxury level. If you want to buy it for less, buy it pre-owned, pre-loved. If you buy counterfeit, be careful LV basically has an army focused specifically on counterfeits and brand infringement. Plus, anyone that knows LV, can spot a fake easily!!

I'll continue my quest and you'll be the first to know when I've found the perfect pre-loved Louis Vuitton Desk Agenda Cover.

Who do you Brand Love? Tell us why!

#branding #foxcreativeagency #brandloyalty #LouisVuitton

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